Welcome to Liss Infant School

Liss Infant School is a happy, popular and successful school which is set in beautiful grounds. It is a well-resourced school which provides a bright and stimulating learning environment for our children.

At Liss Infant School we place the happiness and well-being of every individual child at the heart of everything we do. We are a friendly and caring school and we encourage our children to respect each other and to be thoughtful, fair and honest in all they do. Successful learning depends on children feeling safe, happy and valued. Our purpose as a school is to ensure that every child is helped to make the best possible progress, personally, socially, physically and academically while they are in our care and to provide them with an education which is purposeful, interesting, and inclusive.

At our school, everyone is viewed as a learner and we celebrate learning as an everlasting journey. Young children demonstrate a natural and boundless curiosity about the world around them and we aim to harness this curiosity and to transform it into a real and enduring love of learning which will stay with them for life.

One of the strongest characteristics of our school is the value we place in our relationship with parents. Parents are the first educators of children and we in school can learn a great deal from their expertise and understanding. Equally, we want to offer the best support and guidance we can to parents so that we can work together in order to achieve the very best for each child.

Our school is your school and we look forward to sharing with you this early and important stage in your child's learning journey.

Teresa Offer