Liss Infant School Curriculum Statement April 2018

At Liss Infant School, we follow the National Curriculum. We believe that the School Curriculum should be engaging, rewarding and enriching, offering children the opportunity to achieve success in many different areas. The curriculum is relevant and responsive to the ever-evolving needs and current interests of our children.

Our curriculum stimulates, motivates and challenges our pupils to do their best. We aim to create conscientious, happy, independent learners who are confident in their own beliefs and are always respectful of the views of others. Pupils are encouraged to develop resilience in learning and to feel proud of their achievements and the successes of others.

Effective cross-curricular links where relevant are made to show our children how the subjects are related and opportunities are taken to learn Maths and English in a real life context. Our well-resourced learning environments complete with Learning Walls, English and Maths Help Desks and good examples of work ensure children can grow towards working independently and know what success looks like.

We recognise that learning is a continuous process, which involves acquiring knowledge, skills and concepts. We strive for Quality First Teaching at all times to promote active learning.

Quality First Teaching:

  • Helps children to recognise and value their achievements and successes
  • Builds on what learners already know
  • Builds secure foundations for subsequent learning
  • Makes learning exciting and real
  • Makes learning an enjoyable and challenging experience
  • Develops the full range of learning skills across the curriculum
  • Actively involves children in directing their own learning
  • Develops resilience

We recognise and value the immediate geographical surroundings of our school and we create memorable experiences for pupils, for example, learning at The Riverside Walk and in our Sensory Garden and Outdoor Classroom.  At Liss Infant School we believe that children learn best when they experience learning first hand so we ensure that children in every year group have access to a range of off site visits and enrichment experiences.

Pupils participate in a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities such as Forest Club, Maths Club, French Club and Choir to enhance and broaden their experiences at Liss Infant School.  Pupils work closely with our local community and we are currently forging relationships with elderly citizens.

Phonic Reading Scheme Books Used at Liss Infant School

  • Oxford Reading Tree Phonics Sounds
  • Oxford reading Tree Floppy Phonics
  • Oxford Reading Tree Songbird Phonics
  • Project X Exploring Letters
  • Dandelion Launchers
  • Big Cat Phonics
  • Read Write Inc. books
  • Rigby Star
For more information regarding our curriculum please contact the school office
Topics make effective use of rich experiences such as visits and trips to bring learning to life. OFSTED report 2017