At Liss Infant School we welcome and value the involvement of parents in the life of the school.

Situated on the edge of the semi-rural village of Liss, on a site which is adjacent to Liss Junior School; our children come from a variety of areas including outlying villages and towns. The school can accommodate 180 pupils and there are 6 classes; 2 Reception classes, 2 Year One classes and 2 Year Two classes.

Reception Year

See what the Kangaroos and Koalas have been up to.

Year 1

The Hippos and Rhinos have been working hard, take a look at what they’ve been doing.

Year 2

Our big cats have been busy, take a look at what the Lions and Tigers have been working on.



All parents at the school are welcome to join the FLIS our Parent Group at any time during the year. Our next meeting date is usually posted on the school notice board.

Parents are positive about the school and appreciate the caring ethos and friendly, professional staff. OFSTED report 2017