Charging and remissions policy

The Governing Body recognises the valuable contributions that the wide range of additional activities provided, including clubs and educational visits, make towards pupils personal and social education. This policy aims to clarify what is liable for charging and what is left as voluntary contribution and states where remission of charges may be available.

Education during School hours

A charge may be made for extra-curricular instrumental tuition and instrument hire.

Voluntary contributions

Voluntary contributions will be sought from parents for activities such as educational visits. All letters to parents publicising a particular activity will make it clear if voluntary contributions are being sought. Furthermore, they will emphasise that there is no obligation to contribute and that no pupil will be omitted from the activity because his/her parents are unwilling or unable to contribute.

However, it will equally be made clear that the activity will not take place if parents are reluctant to support it.

Optional activities outside school hours

Charges may be levied for optional activities outside school hours. Charges will not exceed the actual cost of the individual pupil’s participation. The cost can include insurance and accounting costs (non-teaching staff costs).

Charges for materials used

A charge may be made where the school has supplied the materials for making an item which the pupil subsequently takes home.

Breakages and damage

Parents may be asked to pay for breakages and/or damage to school property or equipment where this is the result of a pupil’s misbehaviour.

Remissions avaliable

The headteacher may apply some remission of charges for optional activities for pupils whose parents will find it difficult to meet the costs.

The Freedom of Information Act 2000

This took effect on January 1st 2005, establishing a general right of access to information held by all public authorities, including maintained schools. Liss Infant School has discretion to charge applicants a fee in accordance with the Fee Regulations.

If a person requests information not contained within the school’s publication scheme, the school scheme, the school will charge a fee as outlined below:

  • Photocopying 20p for an A4 sheet.
  • Postage the amount required to post any information.
  • Charges for photocopying and postage must be met in full before any request for information will be undertaken.
  • In accordance with DCA and LEA guidelines, staff-time costs will be charged at £25 per hour. If any requests exceeds £450 in staff-time costs, the school may refuse to answer it, answer it for free, or charge up to and including the full costs of answering.
  • Requests which will cost less than £450 to answer will be free of charge, with the exception of photocopying and potage.
  • If the applicant refuses to pay the fee, the school may refuse to supply the information.

There will be a charge if the school is requested to provide any information under the Data Protection Act 1998:

The charge will be:

  • Photocopying 20p for an A4 sheet.
    Postage the amount required to post any information.
  • The maximum charge that can be made for information copied under the Data Protection Act is £10.
  • Our charges for lettings/hire of school facilities are as recommended by HCC.
  • Agreed/reviewed: Spring 2014
  • Next Review: Spring 2016