School dinners

Hampshire catering service (HC3S) use the onsite kitchen to produce daily school dinners.

All pupils at Liss Infant School are entitled to a Universal Infant Free School Meal. There is no charge for the meal and no registration requirement. However, we encourage parents who meet the standard free school meals eligibility criteria to continue to register as this will provide the school with additional funding to help support their child at school.

There is a daily choice of either a meat or non meat main item, and this comes with a carbohydrate (i.e. potatoes, rice, pasta), vegetables and salad. Dessert is a choice of fresh fruit, yoghurt, rice pot, fruity pot, cheese and biscuits, fruit juice or the daily pudding being offered. Alternatively, there is the daily option of a jacket potato with a diffent filling each day.  The weekly menu or jacket potato option can be accessed by clicking the buttons below. 

HC3S can provide medically requested special diets for various allergies, however all requests for these must be accompanied by medical evidence of each allergy, please ask in the school office for more information.

The children are asked to order each morning what they would like for lunch, the school office then ensures that each child has been catered for.

For further information please visit Hampshire’s My School Lunch